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At the Movies Series "Selma" Decoded (ages 7yrs and up)

A part of a "At the Movies" series we decode and dissect complex ideas and historical happenings depicted in the 2014 movie "Selma". Recommended for ages 7yrs and older.

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What you are going to learn

Learning in Action

For a century, cinema and fine arts has used its influence to inspire and teach. In the course , "Selma Decoded", we hope to do the same.

We will analyze, discuss, and unpack historical characters, locations, and situations depicted in the 2014 feature film. The importance of learning about this period in history is critical. Many events during the Civil Rights Movement were monumental and overcame serious opposition. We will break down big ideals and vocabulary into piece size pieces for all students to easily digest.

P.s If your student doesn't have a deep appreciation for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, they will after this course.
Throughout this course you will discover how:

  • Segregation and Jim Crow infected everything in the South during the 50s & 60s.
  • Many influential Civil Right Activists rose to leadership. Many like, Diane Nash, James Bevel, and John Lewis.
  • The Selma protest happened in 3 segments and how this movement paved the way to the success of The Voting Rights Act in 1965.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was a true leader and practitioner of non-violent resistance.

JJ Johnson

Director of Education, ACE Academy
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This course was a fun and engaging way to learn about difficult topics!
V. rice
ACE Academy Online Parent
ACE Academy is truly a game-changer and every students should take courses here.
M. Blackburn
Dean of Students, Augustan University
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