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The ACE Difference 

Flexible Options that Fit your Family

ACE uses the latest technology to connect students from everywhere! Virtual learning is no problem when ACE Online can be completed from anywhere. ACE offers both full and part-time enrollment as well as one-time enrollment. 

Project Based Learning

Our teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time on a project to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge.

Mixed Aged Ability Based Courses

All students receive custom learning plans tailored to their individual needs and ability levels. ACE eliminates traditional "grade-level" pressure and restrictions. 

Low-Class Ratios

With less disruptions, tailored individualized instruction and more teaching time ACE is able to foster a community of learners who are able to better focus, achieve greater results and receive more one on one instruction. 


We would love to discuss how ACE Academy Online can support your family with full or part-time virtual enrollment.

What our Parents are Saying

I cannot thank ACE enough. My student is not only excelling academically, but his self confidence and independence has sky rocketed.
I am grateful for ACE. My daughters teachers not only make learning fun, but encourage her as well. I could not have found a better place for her and our family. We love the ACE community.
The Rice's
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Frequently asked questions

What courses will I take?

  • Full time students will be enrolled into a math course and a language arts course. Students and their families then have the ability to choose 3 electives per semester. 
  • Part time students and their families will choose at-least 2 courses a semester to hold part-time status.
Courses are released per semester based. 

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

ACE Academy is a brick and mortar private school that has expanded its virtual reach nationwide by demand because its unique focus on holistic education, project based learning, culturally responsive curriculum and student results! ACE Academy is one of a kind! ACE believes that students emotional wellbeing is an integral part to academic success and therefore ACE holistically includes curriculum that supports mindfulness and emotional/mental health in an environment focused on equity and decolonized teachings.

How can I choose my courses?

If you are interested in cherry picking courses just register and go! If you would like to enroll your student into ACE Academy Online as a full or part-time scholar please contact us and an enrollment specialist will help your family navigate the best options for you. 

What is the school culture like?

At ACE we believe that we are all better citizens and human beings when working, dialoguing, and learning with adults, youth, and children who have different perspectives. We intentionally welcome families and staff with differing ethnicities, family structures, gender identities, races, religions, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We hold school culture, policy, curriculum, and pedagogy decisions up to a lens of justice and equity for those who have been systemically oppressed. ACE also boasts a cooperative educational model that is based on the premise that both parents and children are integral parts of a school community of lifelong learners. By incorporating parents into the school day, students place a higher value on their education, family bonds are strengthened, and a true community is fostered. To this end, parent involvement is highly  encouraged
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